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Snap-on D-TAC PLUS™ Diagnostic Tester and Charger


D-TAC PLUS tests 12 volt starting and charging systems on heavy-duty gas and diesel truck applications, as well as passenger cars and light trucks. It’s the only unit available that can diagnose the complete system, top-off the battery and jump start the vehicle — automatically! It’s also the only unit available that’s optimized for the new AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries!


  • Automated system test checks out battery, starter and alternator condition in sequence, including:
    — Battery condition (good, bad, marginal)
    — Starter condition (cranking voltage normal/abnormal)
    — Alternator (pass/fail under loaded mode)
  • Automatically charges the battery as needed — no more, no less — as fast as possible without damage or “boiling.” No stand-alone battery charger needed!
  • Diagnoses flooded, absorbent glass mat (AGM), valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), industrial, marine and SLI batteries.
  • Additional charging options include a “trickle” charge and a prompted and sequence for starting stalled vehicles with up to 300 amps cranking assistance.
  • Troubleshooter menu offers a range of pinpoint test options including a digital multimeter, battery impedance meter, programmable battery loading and amps probe testing.
  • Save results to memory or print out on built-in printer.
  • Backlit LCD displays menus, prompts, results and status messages.
  • Includes printer and cart.


  • Tests 12 volt batteries up to 2000 CCA
  • 525 amps boost rating
  • 300 amps UL rated crank assist
  • 60 amps UL rated continuous charge